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Welcome to NAPS!!!

Place Newspaper Classified Advertising and Display Ads Online!

You have made an excellent decision by choosing National Ad Placement Service. We specialize in placing your newspaper classified ads each week at the best possible price. Through our exclusive affiliations, your ad can be placed throughout the United States at a cost far less than individual papers would charge.

Our customers soon discover that our knowledge of the newspaper industry and classified ads is priceless and indispensable in helping them with their advertising needs. Need Help Right Away? Call us Now: 1-888-215-2790

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Grow Your Business! It’s time to get back to what works. Newspapers – Classifieds
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· Discover the Power of Print…Newspapers Deliver!

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2 x 2 Display Nationwide2,420,306Monday 5:00 PM$1,799.00
Nationwide-Largest in N. Amer.Over 30 MillionMonday 5:00 PM$2,999.00
Florida - Zone 4A $899 with Miami Flyer8 million readersMonday 5:00 PM$899.00
Florida - Zone 4B $649 without Miami Flyer7 million readersMonday 5:00 PM$649.00
Mid-Atlantic - Zone 15Total 5.2 MillionMonday 5:00 PM$699.00

Why Newspapers?

Newspapers deliver a special audience. We represent local newspapers all over the country at a savings of 50-80%.
  • Newspapers are a very intimate, portable medium
  • Classifieds are the BEST READ section of any newspaper
  • Advertisers can connect with the target audiences using newspapers in a way that other mediums cannot
  • Newspapers offers VALUE as classified advertising requires little or no production costs and offers unparalleled consumer-response
  • Your ad can be placed in categories that help organize what it is you're offering in a logical manner
  • Utility: Newspaper advertising naturally allows you to consumers that are looking for a special offer - "Are they finding you?"
  • Newspapers are viewed as a trusted and reliable friend
  • When savvy consumers are turned off by what they see, they turn to newspapers for the final word
  • Serious newspaper readers turn to their paper everyday (we're creatures of habit…we enjoy reading our newspapers)
  • They are dedicated, with a loyal readership base
  • Sophisticated consumers make the newspaper part of their daily routine
  • Newspapers provide a powerful venue to display thoughtful and informative presentations for consumers
  • When consumers read the classifieds, they give it their full attention, improving your ability to get your advertising message across
  • Quality: Newspaper readers actively seek out your advertising message
  • Consistency is the key to any successful classified ad campaign.

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